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Welcome to the world at KISMAT REEDS. A world where craftsmanship meets technology to manufacture high quality reeds ot international standards. We believe in quality, expertise and excellence. That's our philosophy and our mission. This is just the way we are. We try to deliver every product with 100% precision. Precision is based on our own benchmarks of quality its what has made our clients entrust us with more and more business.

Founded in 1978, we are the first professionally managed reed manufacturers in South Maharashtra. We relentlessly continue to pursue our passion for quality. Over the years we have many textile industries to weave fine fabrics. We manufacture reeds for almost all types of looms i.e. from Handloom to Shuttle less Looms....

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These reeds are bind of binding wire (M.S., S.S., and Copper) with extra strength adesive. ShuttleLess Reeds are also known as "channel reeds" or "aluminium reeds".



A Pitchbond reed is part of a loom, and resembles a comb. It is used to push the weft yarn securely into place as it is woven. The reed is securely held by the beater.




>> Rust proof
>> Tensile strength
>> Smooth finish




>> High performance
>> Easy to install
>> Anti-corrosive


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